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What is Enlte 2.0? How does it work?

Share real life reviews and experiences with people around you.

Enlte is a content rewarding platform where you can share your feedback, reviews or things, services, products or businesses

Enlte aims to create a blockchain baseds database about real life experiences and reviews around the world. Below are some of the features of Enlte

  • Share your experiences and reviews. Be part of enlte aims to be the biggest real life experience data in the world
  • Business claim pages for sponsered listing, joining EBP ( Enlte business program ) to be announced shortly.
  • Create content, share experiences and earn money while doing it. Create business pages and earn advertisement on each of them

Features for Users

Share your real life reviews and experiences to earn rewards and participate in the development of world biggest blockchain based review and experience database.

Share your experiences

Share your experiences of places, products or business around you. Help businesses with your feedback or reviews and help them improve and grow

Get offers and Discounts

Stay updated with the latest offers and discounts from businesses. Avail discounts and offers from brands and businesses for sharing feedback about them

Get Cash Reward

Create content, share your feedback and reviews about businesses, brands and places and earn rewards and points. Be a local superhero or superstar.

Features for Businesses

Get more customers, get sponsered. Resolve problems of customers and improve your business with better feedback mechanism.

Get more customers

Improve your web presence and increase your brand reach by being available for more users and people around the world with more reviews and feedbacks.

Improve business with feedback

Improve your businesses with reviews and feedbacks from users. Improve customer satisfaction leading to more business from users and customers.

Get important customer information

Get access to important data such as customer experiences. Know your weakness and strengths.








Call to Action

Get your business listed

Create or claim your business pages and get more reviews / feedback / visibility. Get more customers as well as improve your business with better feedback. 70% of our pages rank in top 1st page on google.

Real life reviews and experience on blockchain.

Enlte is an open and free social platform to share and review your experiences about any product, services, businesses, places or anything you feel like. Enlte is a blockchain based which rewards its users for content development and sharing the information over the platform.

Enlte provides you an open platform to share about your experience with businesses, places, cities and everything around you. We aim to create a mass revolution to create mass awareness and a platform where you can share your experiences and learn from other experiences.

Get rewards for creating content on the web application

Enlte aims create a decentralized database of all experiences and reviews around the world of products, services, businesses and places. Users will be rewarded for sharing reviews on the platform.

For all the reviews and experiences shared on the platform, users will be rewarded with Enlte points which will be exchanged for Fiat Currencies by the end of the month. After testing the platform and over time, it will be exchanged for bitcoin, ethereum or enlte coins.

For the first month only top 10 users will be rewarded with Cash Rewards in fiat currencies. The fiat currency would be USD. And the rewards will be delivered within 7 days of end of each month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer to your frequently asked questions. If we didnt answer your question here. Please write an email to [email protected] and it will be included soon

  • Enlte 1.0 was a mobile application. Even after dealing with various technical complications we were not able to bring those reviews online because they were not optimised for web sear4ches. Enlte 2.0 is focused on web application and ranking of our business pages on web searches to bring more traffic to the business. Enlte 2.0 content rewarding system is also based on creating new content on the internet and they points paid would be converted to FIAT currency initially until ENLTE is listed in a reputed exchange.

  • No, Enlte 2.0 is initially focused on web application. And we do not have an Android or IOS app as yet. Once the web is fully developed with a stable version i.e 2.1 is released, we will focus on development of Android or IOS App.

  • Enlte 2.0 is also know as Wesolvo. Since permanently changing the name from ENLTE to WESOLVO is not possible at the moment. However you can still access enlte 2.0 from or

  • Sharing your reviews and experiences will help you earn ENLTE POINTS which will be converted to cash by the end of the month. Exact details will be released on 17th August 2020

  • Enlte tokens are safe with us. Once the initial testing is done. Enlte tokens will appear on your application. If you are not using application, you will be able to access the token 1 month before the release of enlte in an exchange. Enlte plans on listing in an exchange within next 6 months in a reputed exchange.

  • Yes we do plan to open the exchange once again. But it would be after a stable version of this app i.e 2.1. The development have already started a week ago.