How to Buy Enlte Pages?

How to Buy Enlte Pages?

Step 1: Sign IN
a) Install from the play store.
b) Sign in or Sign up in the enlte application using google of facebook account.

Step 2: KYC
a) KYC can be anything related to your government approved identity.
b) Upload your KYC(Know your Customer)

Step 3: WALLET
a) Tap and hold the wallet icon to view your balance.
b) A user can either earn the ENLTE coins or buy it from both website or application.

Step 4: PAGES
a) Hastags are converted into pages and later listed.
b) The Base amount for bidding is the number of posts on the page. The Pages will be open for bidding for 24hrs.

Step 5: BID
a) Bid the Higher Value from the last to get listed.
b) You can make change in your bid amount but it should be higher from the last one.

Step 6: RESULT
a) You Did it! Congratulations

Visit Android Playstore and download the latest version of our App, 5.1.0