Enlte Pages Bidding Process : The know how

“ From the Desk of CEO “

Enlte team was working very hard on bidding process and pages. As we believe pages will the most valuable thing in enlte. Pages are a valuable asset you can hold in enlte. These pages can be anything from places to brands, products, names or anything.

Buying a Page was a simple process in which the highest bidder in 24 hour time will own the page.

The page benefits are as follows.

  1. 10% of each post on the page.
  2. Option to resolve the page and get 100% of coins if resolved by you

(*** Resolving a complaint can be explained in another article )

  1. Page ownership just for 1 month.
  2. Page to be re-sold after 1 month of ownership.
  3. A user will only get its initial investment back once it is bought by other user.

Please note that, Enlte is just a platform. We do not hold or release your coins. It is solely done by the other buyer and seller.

For more questions and queries

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Telegram : @enltecom