Enlte Bounty Announcement and TBT launch

We all know that Crypto world had a rough time since the crypto currency hit the iceberg on January 2018. All social media companies including major search engine banned Crypto Currencies , ICO and blockchain based social posts. These social media companies include google, facebook, youtube, instagram, twitter and linkedin. This banning and restriction of ICO projects like us creating a very big problem for bounty rewards and participation.

According to the bounty programme, launched on 22nd Feburary the total Number of Coins for the bounty programme was 150 million

  1. Enlte bounty started on 22nd Feburary. The total coins allocated to bounty was 150 Million Enlte ( including Airdrop ) only if the participants are more than 10,000 to evenly distribute the coins. Enlte bounty program faced a lot of hurdles because of the bans and restriction on all of the accounts. Due to the unpredictable circumstances we finished with approx 1000 participants 2 months before the ICO end.

Therefore after suggestion of all bounty managers, community leaders, advisors, investors and Coin manager. We decided to use the following formula.

number of allotted coins * total users / expected users = x number of coins

So according to the above formula 15 Million Coins were allotted for the bounty program.

  1. According to the bounty allocation as in https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2997520.0

But as our social accounts didn’t hit the minimum number in majority of the social campaigns. Lets take an example.

200 Users on linkedin campaign with 10 % allocation.


  1. Linkedin Campaign : 1,500,000 / 200 = 7,500 per user
  2. Twitter campaign : 1,500,000 / 750 = 2000 per user.

So according to above calculation, it is unfair to give linkedin campaign particpants more coins even though only 200 users were not enough for the bounty campaign and it was a failure. As our linkedin campaign was a failure, it is unfair to give linkedin participants more coin than twitter campaign which was a success.

However linkedin and twitter both were under the ban and promotion of the ICO’s were forbidden. We remember receiving 1500+ retweets with approx 500,000 users visibility on 22 March and become most used #enlte in Russia at that moment . But after the ban, we were unable to get even 100 retweet and 10,000+ users visibility.

We therefore have decided to have a flat stake price to make it fair and have an equal distribution of coins. That is

15,000,000 / total number of stakes = 156,000 ( approx )

Making 1 stake = 96.7

Thereby we have done all the calculation according to the above mentioned rules.

We are again sorry if you have faced any kind of inconvenience. We hope everything sounds fair to all of you.

Thanks for your love, also we would love to work with you in future.

We recommend joining EBT group ( Enltebountygroup )

This group is dedicated to the bounty hunters who would like to work with enlte in near future. If we get enough participants ( 500 + ) before 05 August, we would run this bounty campaign until next 1 year. More information to be provided once the softcap of participants is reached. We still have 90% of the Bounty allocated tokens left which can still be distributed to bounty hunters for future bounties.

Use the link : https://t.me/joinchat/H-mCCFI1bfEc698gsqK6fw

Lets hit the goal of 500 bounty Hunters to work with enlte in future and join us in the mission to make it the most successful and used crypto-currency in the world.