Enlte ICO Bounty Distribution Complete

The distribution of enlte bounty coins is finally complete. As announced in the last announcement the bounty coins was distributed according to 15 Million Enlte to 1000–3000 users.

Almost 90% of the bounty users have received the coins. For those who didnt receive the coins.

a. Either it is because of your wrong wallet address or
b. You have not submitted full information to make the transaction success.

As listed below by the bounty manager, a lot of users wrote their ETH wallet address in the column of Enlte wallet address despite of telling them that our coin is not ERC 20 we have our own block chain.


Almost half of the users sending eth address instead of enlte !!

enlte bounty

The bounty users with wrong wallet address were given 14 days of grace period to rectify the wallet address in order to complete the bounty distribution. We thank the users for rectifying the address and helping us complete the transaction.

However the date of final rectification of the wallet address is finally complete and hence no new bounty distribution will be possible.

Thank you to everyone who helped us make this success.