Enlte Announcement and Update !!

Hello Enlte Community

Hope you are well.

We are well aware of your eagerness to know about what is happening next at Enlte and have decided to address all of your queries at once.

In this announcement, we will give all enlte users as well as investors an update on what is going on with enlte these days, what are the major development and updates for next 3 months, enlte exchange listing update as well as major development update.

Enlte Exchange Listing Update :

The ICO was started in February end 2018 and ended on September. Enlte quickly gained a lot of users since its launch in Feburary End. During the end of the ICO the crypto market had seen one of the biggest downfalls ever. As per the plan, the exchange listing was to happen in September 2018.  But by the End of ICO, enlte had approx 70,000 fake users ( Almost 7-8% ) of total users. Like every social network faces issue with fake users, so did we and we were ready to tackle it with a hard fork to dimish the spammers and their network. The hard fork was finished in October 2018 along with the launch of ERC20 token and enlte exchange launch in November 2018. Since November 2018, the crypto market has not recovered from its current situation and as the analyst says, ICO coins launched during bull run tends to increase its ICO price by 100% as compared to coin launch in the bear market. Our listing team is still looking for good exchange to get in touch with but yes we would like to get listed in the exchange in a bull run rather than bear run. We expect to be in one of the good exchanges by end of February.

Enlte Development Update :

As enlte lead investors and board members directed, enlte needs to complete the circle of creating a demand and supplying the currency. Enlte is still lacking in creating demand. Upon 15 days long discussion and to and fro between investors and team members. We finalized that enlte will be an online aggregator of all reviews, complaints and rating of everything you can find on the internet and along with that also help you to post new review or complaint on the blockchain.

This will help enlte to grow from 1 Million business pages to 100 Million very easily and can be one stop place for all kinds of reviews.

We are testing the aggregate and will be able to launch a prototype by the end of the next week. Along with the aggregate, enlte will help business owners to advertise to the people nearby about a sudden discount or event.

We know a lot of investors and community members would be not happy with this but we just want to tell everyone that we are creating a company and a great product and we will not give up on it until we succeed. We just request the investors and the enlte users to bear with us and give us time to test our new technologies before we enter the market and make it the biggest company ever.