Enlte Application Update – Earning reduced on posts and pages

Enlte Application Update

We are happy to announce that we have made some changes in the application to make sure that people post relevant experience and information that helps other instead of posting a useless post just to collect coins.

Earning of coins on posts are reduced

  • Earning of coins on the post is reduced by 50% and the value of coins which an individual gets from support(1 & 2 star post) is now equal to the coins given on superlike.( according to the whitepaper)

Earning of coins on the pages are reduced

  • Earning of coins on pages is reduced, now 10% of the coins earned on the experience, will be distributed among the location and the #hashtags used on the post.

Note:   Current price for super like/support = 0.5 enlte ( if quality score is 10/10)