Enlte exchange announcement and update

Update – 23/10/2018

Enlte exchange announcement and update

a. Token to Coin conversion

Enlte app coins are mentioned as enlte tokens in the blockchain. The tokens are paid by enlte content generation modules to motivate users to publish content on enlte platform. Enlte tokens are used as a token in the enlte app and have many other uses such as pages and buying / receiving enlte tokens in app.

Tokens can be converted to coins using Enlte wallet or Enlte Web  by submitted KYC details. Kyc is necessary to detect fake users and abusing enlte application and protocol.

Enlte team spent a lot of time building the modules for KYC management as well as token to coin conversion. Enlte coins are the coins which can exchanged in exchanges or commercial markets. One of the major goal of enlte was also to identify fake users in the app to abuse enlte reward management system. To use our app, you must be a real user with real identity.  We take one universal identity very seriously as it is one of the motives of the app. We seek for real users other than bots in enlte’s social internet.

Following the development of the coin transfer process and KYC approval process. Our moderators found more than 71,000 fake users in the app. Which in total accumulated approx 24,338,418 enlte tokens.

Enlte team finally burned the coins. Below are the details of the burning of the coins



b. Enlte Exchange

Before the start of the ICO, enlte exchange was planned to be launched in June 2018, but due to lot of work in enlte app development and maintenance, we had to postpone the project. However enlte is finally ready with the Enlte exchange. Enlte exchange will be one of the first kind of exchange introducing social trading and peer to peer trading of enlte as well other crypt-currencies such as BTC, ETH and others.

Enlte exchange was part of the enlte project since the day the idea was in the mind of developing a social internet. As enlte app content curators will always trade enlte to use their reward in real life. We thought of an idea of  finding a way to trade the digital currency without borders and can be used easily in daily life without any hurdles. Our idea of building a peer to peer network to trade enlte was the base of the project enlte.

=> Earn enlte tokens in enlte app by using it in the most creative way as possible.

=> Change token to enlte ( we plan to make that happen in milliseconds )

=> Trade enlte on exchange

Instant Payout via exchange(r )

Spend enlte by peer to peer trading.

Enlte is proud to announce the first step to the plan by launching Enlte exchange. We are now ready to disclose the dates of launch and execution of enlte exchange and coin.


Enlte Exchange ( TESTNET )             12:00 UTC  24 October 2018

Open Deposits ( BTC, ETH, TUSD)   12:00 UTC  25 October 2018

Enlte Pre-order                                   12:00 UTC  25 October 2018

Live Trading on Enlte Exchange:       12:00 UTC 26 October 2018

ELT listing on Exchange:                    12:00 UTC 30 October 2018

Please wait for an announcement tomorrow about the release of the Enlte Exchange testnet

Please join enlte exchange official telegram channel



Sorry for the delay we were not able to launch according to the above dates. we have scheduled it to  different date which will be announced soon.

Thank you