Hi Enltians,

We are really sorry for late update.

1. Enlte project is closed?

Enlte project is not dead, this is a long term project and we aim to be one of biggest companies around the world in the years to come. We have a live product and we are just trying to make it better and better. We believe enlte is going through startup j-curve.

2. When enlte will be listed in 2nd external exchange?

Enlte will be listed very soon in second exchange. We aim to increase the price of enlte before listing it in the second exchange. We are trying to increase the demand of enlte by launching enlte for business.

3. What is enlte doing to increase its price?

To know about the strategy of how enlte is going to increase the price / demand of its currency you need to understand enlte works

Enlte spent the last 3 months on working on optimising the business model and making it better. We are working on
a. Providing a one stop solution of reviews which include a search engine for reviews
b. An aggregator of reviews from google, facebook and more than 10+ websites
c. Helping businesses claim their pages and more features.

What is in enlte for businesses?

a. Another place to get more and direct leads. Enlte at the moment have database of more than 10+ million reviews from google, facebook and other websites.

b. Invite nearby users for a discounted services such as discounted food / services  in exchange of sharing an experience. However we intend to make it very clear and authentic for businesses to let users post their real experience.

c. Businesses pays a subscription fees to manage their own page. If the page is already owned, the business pay fees to own the page.

d. Businesses can create a real time event or promotion ( based on location ) to the near ones

How Users will benefit from it?

a. Users will be able to get discount / use enlte coins  on the businesses and in return give them a feedback or share their genuine experience.

b. More usage of enlte app will increase in increase in price and usability of the currency.


Enlte is targeting business to get launched in the platform. We already have signed up with more than 50+ businesses and we are happy to announce that all of these businesses are paid subscribers.
We are just waiting to scale the process. Once we scale we will be able to target upto 10,000 to 100,000 businesses.

Future of Enlte :

Enlte aims to provide power to the people. Giving them a place to share their experience about the things around them. Enlte helps users to share experiences about the businesses or places near them along with helping businesses to learn more about customer experience and attract more customers.
We therefore believe that we can become a legit platform between businesses and customers helping both of them. Also be a place for businesses to get in contact with their consumers other than multi platforms such as youtube, facebook, twitter, instagram.

We will share pictures and prototype of the enlte web next week.

Further Updates Include :

Investor Annual Report Feb 2018 – Feb 2019 will be out coming week.

Enlte Exchange Update will be included in next article.