97% of customer funds are stored offline


Introducing a revolutionary method to store and secure crypto’s with cold storage and secure programming

2-Step Verification on All Accounts

It adds another layer of security on your account, supplementing the username and password, you will enter a code from your mobile phone.


Payment processing security


Our website traffic runs entirely over encrypted SSL(https)



Wallets (private keys) are stored using AES-25 6 encryption


Enlte employees are required to pass a criminal background check as part of the hiring process.

We make sure, all the devices and services we use are password protected.

Employees are required to encrypt their hard drives, with strong passwords and system locked


We use filters for SQL injection and confirm the authenticity of POST, PUT, and DELETE requests to prevent CSRF attacks.

Enlte whitelist attributes on all models to prevent mass-assignment vulnerabilities.


We share hash passwords in the database (using aes-256)

We ensure for strong password at the time of creating accounts and password reset

Application credentials are stored separately and protected from the database and code base.