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Sushant Sharma

Operations Manager at Enlte - A Decentralised Socionet

About :-

Experienced Technical Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology being a cryptocurrency specialist with in-depth knowledge of Blockchain. Skilled in Management, Customer Service, Community Management, and Time Management. Strong human resources professional with a Bachelor's in computer application focused on Computer Science and new technologies.

As a manager, my mission is to help my team attain the heights of success using the quickest and most effective path. My passion is inventing new, more powerful and profitable ways to listen carefully to customers and then turning the insights that emerge into business ideas.

The idea of enlte and starting a revolution to give power to the people was in Anupam's mind since 2015. He started finding new ways to help raise the voice of the people in India and around the world. In 2016, Anupam Sharma started Enlte as a research product under MPAS Inc in India. He along with a team of 10 people including me, Abhinav Sharma, Krishan Kumar and others experimented on testing new ways to help people around India via a helpline. Soon they were flooded with endless phone calls and emails. All of these were from people who wanted to find a solution to their problems.

We discovered that solving issues from all over India is impossible from sitting from one place. So they went back to the drawing board to find a better solution. In 2017, the development team and research team of Anupam Sharma finally proposed that a social network which would be based on small world network or location-based network. It would a place where people can share their experiences and broadcast it to people nearby. And people can form groups, share it with others and take action against it. Enlte is to a place where people can share what they feel without being judged and it can only be possible if you have the power to be anonymous. And it is only possible if we can verify the person.

The idea behind enlte is well explained in the various whitepaper versions that could be found online here. The vision behind enlte is to create a next-generation experience sharing platform whose data would be in a public ledger and encrypted giving 100% privacy to users. It solves the problem of fake users by KYC approved verified users. Real-time notifications and geofencing of posts around that area. Our vision is to make this one of the biggest social networks in the years to come.